Mount Kotophaxi is the highest active volcano of world

Mount Kotophaxi is the highest active volcano of world, it is considered the highest active volcano world of world, it is located in South America. The fierce and prevailing explosion in the Mumbai Kotopaxy gives it a different identity in history, it is viable on time. The condition of Kotophaxy is located nearly nearly 55 kilometers from Quito near Panamrica Nine, Pinclan is an interior Endian Mountain but it is credited to Cardilera Central, Ande’s cardilera oriental, which runs in the north south length of the country, in the youngest and most active volcanoes, but the coatopex is the highest and dangerous active volcano. The mountain range is around the inland area in the west and the Astan is located in the east from the Amanton. The structure of the Kotophaxi is vulnerable to the volcano mountain itself, the rotation of dark-cycles of lacomy lava, is made from the fall of flow of light color.

The depth of this volcanic mountain is 1200 feet. The basis of this volcano is located on the open hill grassland, but the upper part of the mountain is fastened by sustainable snow. The Kotapaxy volcano is a fantastic volcano, which is almost consumed cone. A crater of the depth of 820 feet above Kotapaxy, this crater is 800 × 550 meters wide. The coatopaxy’s height is a northern peak in the voterquette mountain and a southern peak.

The height of the white peak is 5897 meters and the height of the Southern Summit is 5820 meters, which is 77 meters from the North Summit, the parking spot of the Kotophaxi National Park is the starting point of climbing, located at the height of 4600 meters. The temperature of the Kotophaxi volcano varies based on the temperature of the coatakaxi, it is different from the maximum 10 ° C in the grounds, in the lower swamp, the 20ths of the most sunbathy days is at 20 ° C. The temperature at the height of the seven is at 5 ° C. and at 12 ° C. The history of the Kotophaxi vs. Launches often from the Kotolxy at the upper edges, the kingdoms exploded the deeply.

The explosions were so awesome that destroyed deep valleys in all directions from the peak of the volcano. Let’s know when the blast was when blasting and how many terrible and humility were to them. The 1957 explosion of the coatakaxy was the last most terrible explosion in 1907, and in the time of the entrant, the ashes and small small parcomic flows, but no lava did not occur. Earlier, in 1904 and 1906, small ashes were explodd, but they were not more important nor did those who have special loss from those blasts.

The explosion of the 1903 and 1904 was active on 26 September 1903, and reached a passing and came to a passing that the time was stopped by December 1904. The explosion was started from the center of the volcano, which included the entrepreneur of the ash lave. The explosion was so terrible that the ashwarmic of the ashworth was around the volcano. The announcement of fierce lave during the explosion on October 2 was more visible and the light of light was also seen. In the explosive history of the 1880’s explosive history of the 1880, the explosion of July 3, 1880 was very awesome and thrilling, the day of that day was more awesome, in the short time of the chest of the 20,000 feet height of the asperius of the splinter of the lession, the July 2, 1880, the old British researcher Edward Virper had seen his departure with his eyes, he said that he was putting his camp at the height of 15.800 feet at the time of the sea level.

He was told that at the time of the very high offend of the Elibija, the only one of the cottage was 20.8, the only one occasion was the only one of the cottage of the Elzijaxi, the only one occasion was hunting, the only one opportunity was hu. The look that I saw a coughater. The look that was seen from the smoke to smoke. And seeing it, he saw the smoke of the smoke with 20. And the wisely, he was facing the powerful wind flowing from the north, he caused the light of the north to the 20th side of the nearest, he was seen in the shape of the pacific ocean, and when he saw it in the face of the north.

The way he saw, he saw the green sun and the other of the smooth, the weth of the fresh ocean and we were never seen as a lot of the sun. And after the time we saw that the eyes of the green and we were never seen because of the sunny, we have not seen the green sun and we were never seen because of the sun. The weth of the green sun was not seen as a week and we were never seen because of the green sun, or we have never seen the green sun. And we were not afraid of the fear of the third, we did not understand this after the week and the fake of the green, we did not see it as a few minutes and the forth of the Amazing.

The case we did not see the grand night, and we have seen the Night after the fresh, then we did not see it. The explosion of the sun 1877 was four fierce explosions in the mid-cottonxy of January and September in 1877. During the deep, the fierce lava and ash flowed from the volcano. The worst was so awesome, the mountain of the ash push of the aspiring was the mountain of life. In the blasts, the life was made a lot of damage in many people who were killed and the people were injured. Earlier, in the 185 to 155, 15 consecutive volcano was ignited, but these explosions were not so typical. The explosion of Sun 1768 was fierce and historic explosion in the Kotopaxy volcano on September 4, 1768, the explosion was so fierce that many logo was also death and the floral and the organism of the volcano mountain destroyed.

The blast in the history of the wapaxy was also important. Sun 1766 Explosion in 1766 Kotopaxy volcano once again became the time, the time of this time was also prevalent, this time there were many medium sized explosions, which will be hanged by the Ash and Lave, the totherapy was completely tightened and the farm in the west of the volcano, the lake and the death came to the grip of ash. Sun 17174 was explored in the Kottoxy Volcano again in 1744 and it was a fierce entraught that was so fierce, was the ferrous of the throne of 7 to 18 centimeters in the 10 kilometer sector in the west of volcano. Even after 1744, the cockoxy volcano has been ignited from time to time. According to the researchers who have been speaking on the cockoxy, heavy avalanche was caused by cockxi tightly about 4500 years ago. Access to Kotophaxy is two possible ways to reach the peak of the coopoxxive, one way is from the side and one way is from the south of the mountain.

The North Route is used to go to the top of the peak. The top route is available for about 1200 meters of the top kitomoti National Park. The 12-minute vertical height and 3 kilometers are peak. The starting point of climbing on the Cotopex is the parking lot of the Kotopexi National Park, a parcel site from a parcel site of a 4800 meters standing from the sandy shield volcano.

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