It was a 1964 Aston Martin DB5, simply the kind of vehicle that British spy James Bond drove during the 1960s films in which he was played by Connery.

Over 50 years after the fact, Connery boaught a 1964 DB5 for himself

Connery passed on very nearly two years after the fact at 90 years old. It was just DB5 he at any point really possessed.

At $2.4 million, which included expenses to the bartering organization Broad Arrow, the vehicle brought more than initially anticipated.

The organization had anticipated that it should sell for between $1.4 million and $1.8 million at its gatherer vehicle closeout in Monterey, California

Sean Connery's Aston Martin DB5 sold for $2.4 million at a California closeout. - Courtesy Broad Arrow Group

When Connery bought the vehicle, he had it repainted from dark to Snow Shadow Gray, the variety nearest to that of the film vehicle.

The vehicle was kept by Connery at his home in Switzerland, as per Jason Connery. He was so partial to the vehicle, he kept a photograph of it in front of him.